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ALPHABET…Laura Babb   Photographer Laura Babb’s pictorial lexicon…   1 – (A) Assignation… 2 – (B) Beach bed… 3 – (C) Cheers… 4 – (D) Departure… 5 – (E) Edict… […]


Funny, how? // Amy Gettings

Funny, how? // Amy Gettings I’ve been told I have a… “funny way with words” Funny how? I make you laugh? If the quotation is lost on you, look it […]


NICE ART? – Chrissy Hazell

NICE ART? – Chrissy Hazell One week, not so long ago, I went to a gallery opening in the cool east end of London. As I supped my bottled beer, […]


A Sudden Sense of Have // Jessica Makins

A Sudden Sense of Have ‘A sense of loss.’ Words often heard in the wake of the death of a loved one. That, at first shocking and numbing, yet later […]


A Yen for Cooking // Elaine Chiew

A Yen for Cooking // Elaine Chiew In 1988, my mother went back to work in a Malaysian-Chinese restaurant. Dad was surprised. To be honest, we were all surprised. She […]


New York Vignette – #1 Presence / Absence

New York Vignette – #1 Presence / Absence From our hotel window on the eleventh floor, my sister and I have a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline. It is […]


New School Shoes

New School Shoes I love September, when the weather changes it reminds me so, so much of gearing up to go back to school. The new gingham dress laid out, […]

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The Curzon Community Cinema at Clevedon…An Exploration // Simon Duckett (words) & Ben Adams (photography)

The Curzon Community Cinema at Clevedon…An Exploration // Simon Duckett (words) & Ben Adams (photography) Charming, sleepy, elegant; these are all words that have been used to describe this Somerset seaside […]


An interview with Nikola Uzunovski // Sarah Jitjindar

An interview with Nikola Uzunovski Award-winning, 34-year-old contemporary artist Nikola Uzunovski shares insight into his artistic processes and works. Sarah: You’ve studied at a broad range of institutions, such as […]

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Madrid Vignettes – #4 NORMAL: Part Two

Normal: Part Two Twenty four hours into a month-long stay in Madrid, my sister and I wander out on a Sunday evening, towards a plaza near to where we are […]


Road Trippin USA #1 – Oregon: Never assume anything! // Danie Ward

“I have always enjoyed travel, the less commercial the better in my eyes. My first trip outside of Europe, fresh out of University, was India and since then I have […]


Madrid Vignettes – #3 POR LA CALLE

Madrid Vignettes – #3 POR LA CALLE We have pulled chairs up to the balcony sills, so that our torsos are inside the flat, but our legs are stretched out, […]


HATE MALE // Andy Naylor

HATE MALE From the age of fifteen until I was about eighteen I used to religiously watch the film “Boyz n the Hood” at least once a month. There was […]

Time smiles in my hand

past // words

past // words The passwords we choose throw a little light on a certain time…   Definition: noun a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission […]


Madrid Vignettes – #2 NORMAL

Madrid Vignettes – #2 NORMAL Our teacher, on entering the classroom (five or ten minutes after the students have assembled), asks us all how we are. We chirrup back, ‘good, […]


Madrid Vignettes – #1 CUBAN HEELS

Madrid Vignettes – #1 CUBAN HEELS We have ducked, unplanned, into a bar for a quick drink and a snack. The place is kind of formal and also kind of […]


Kings of Convenience // Camden Roundhouse

Kings of Convenience Camden Roundhouse 15.05.13 ………………….. Kings of Convenience? Hardly. As a live act, they rarely grace these shores. They’ve not played in the UK for over three years, […]


…Don’t change clout…

…Don’t change clout… The Weather. It’s usually the first port of call for conversation, from those we know and love to strangers at bus stops. How cold/warm is it? Is […]

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Lucy Lee-Robbins and the Studio Photograph

Photograph: Eva Greene “Studios and workshops can say as much about the owner as what they produce and create within it. This workshop belongs to Rob Whitmore-Jones, the maintainance man […]


Ticking Clock

Ticking Clock There are certain things you have to resign yourself to after you’ve turned 30. Having long accepted the fact that you’re not going to be an international sportsman […]