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ALPHABET…Laura Babb   Photographer Laura Babb’s pictorial lexicon…   1 – (A) Assignation… 2 – (B) Beach bed… 3 – (C) Cheers… 4 – (D) Departure… 5 – (E) Edict… […]


Music and the Brain: Pt. 1 // Joel Eaton

Music and the Brain: Pt. 1 – Joel Eaton 1. Why does music have such a powerful and emotional effect on us? 2. Can we use information about music contained […]

Time smiles in my hand

past // words

past // words The passwords we choose throw a little light on a certain time…   Definition: noun a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission […]


The Portal, Morandi and Me – Chrissy Hazell

Computers. The internet. The World Wide Web. These are words which fill my Mother with fear and dread yet last month she made a brave decision to start an online […]


She Had A Thirst For Norwich

One girl’s treasures collected on her explorations around the city… #1  – Arkwrights’s Social Club © Carys O Brien // Artist // Treasure hunter // Technician Cohorte article home page

Time smiles in my hand

past // words – call out…

I’m carrying out a little project, a little dig into the passwords I have chosen over the years. The digging has been revealing. A few short words giving a snapshot […]