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Byzantium 3


Byzantium Dir: Neil Jordan With: Gemma Arterton   Saoirse Ronan   Sam Riley Once, in an anthropology seminar on the subject of myth and magic, we discussed the notion that […]


Something In The Air (Après Mai)

Something In The Air (Après Mai) Dir: Olivier Assayas With: Clément Métayer    Lola Créton    Felix Armand 1971 in a Parisian suburb and we find a group of final […]


Under The Radar – Short form film reviews…#3 Compliance

COMPLIANCE Dir: Craig Zobel 2012 Challenging. Chilling. Excruciating to watch from beginning to end. You may well never want to go into a fast food place again. At least until […]


Under The Radar – Short form film reviews…#2 BROKEN

BROKEN Dir: Rufus Norris 2012 Squirm inducing suburban stuff in the tradition of Mike Leigh with some great naturalistic performances from the young actors. Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy are […]


Under The Radar – Short form film reviews…#1 You Kill Me

Under The Radar #1 You Kill Me Dir: John Dahl (The Last Seduction, Red Rock West) 2007 Lovely little dry comedy about an alcoholic hitman sent to San Francisco to […]



Oblivion Dir: Joseph Kosinsky With: Tom Cruise  Andrea Risborough  Morgan Freeman Let’s leave Tom Cruise aside for a moment and come back to him later. The production design in this […]