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The Melody Of The Jungle, Colombia // Danie Ward

The Melody of the Jungle, Colombia // Danie Ward Ahhhh yes, this is the melody of the jungle Colombia, Tayrona National Park Strangely enough the memory that really stands out […]


New York Vignette – #1 Presence / Absence

New York Vignette – #1 Presence / Absence From our hotel window on the eleventh floor, my sister and I have a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline. It is […]

4 Camping Stove Breakfast

Road Trippin USA #2 – Mother Nature’s Most Spectacular Accident // Danie Ward

Road Trippin USA #2 – Mother Nature’s Most Spectacular Accident This is the second in a mini series about some of my explorations in Oregon, USA. I am going to […]


Mi Hermana (en Madrid) – A photo essay about sisters

Introduction // “I love my sister (Amy) very much, I’ve always worshipped her – since I was old enough to worship. I mithered her, I tried to be winsome, I […]


Road Trippin USA #1 – Oregon: Never assume anything! // Danie Ward

“I have always enjoyed travel, the less commercial the better in my eyes. My first trip outside of Europe, fresh out of University, was India and since then I have […]


Madrid Vignettes – #2 NORMAL

Madrid Vignettes – #2 NORMAL Our teacher, on entering the classroom (five or ten minutes after the students have assembled), asks us all how we are. We chirrup back, ‘good, […]


Diary of a travelling mum

Diary of a Travelling Mum It’s all running smoothly, I tell myself as I throw a blanket around my shoulder to disguise the fact I’m breastfeeding my three-month-old in a […]