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Joanna Bennett // Twitter: @jo_my_gosh // Instagram: @jo_my_gosh
// Digital (latest = Cohorte )
& Music (latest = Raiders)
& Photography (latest = Cohorte all header and site photography not otherwise ascribed to a contributor)
& Design (latest = Cohorte)
& Editor (latest = Cohorte)

Joel Eaton // Web // Twitter: TANKAjoel
Joel Eaton is a composer, programmer, maker and researcher currently working in the field of Brain-Computer Music Interfacing.

Jason Lewer // Web // Instagram: jumpbocks
Photographer / Skateboarder

Chelsey Flood // Web: // Twitter: @cjflood_author
Chelsey Flood’s first novel came out this year with Simon and Schuster. You should probably buy it. She lives in Bristol, where she spends as much of her time as possible napping, drinking beer and playing table tennis. As well as running Cohorte’s creative writing pages she blogs as part of Author Allsorts and by herself, and is more than happy to waste your precious time on Twitter as well (@cjflood_author).

Charlotte Thomas // Web: // Twitter: @itsjustpeople
Charlotte is Owner and Editor In Chief of, a successful blog uncovering all the cutting edge fashion blogs from around the world.

Charlotte is a freelance fashion blog writer and has written pieces for and

She has had a successful career in fashion so far working for and is currently working on a photography project with some of the most inspiring women in the UK which will be on exhibition in London this summer.

Eldridge & Sleazy Harry
Contact Shuffle // Facebook // Eldridge on Soundcloud

Libby Overton // Tumblr:
I used to love dogs more than people. Several years shooting and producing documentaries for television has changed all that.

Mark Coverdale // Twitter: cov_art // Web:
Fine art / Design / Illustration

Ben Adams // Instagram:  ben_adams88  // VSCO
Bristol // iPhone Only // Secret Nerd

Lauren Mahan // Instragram: lomahan  // Tumblr:
Lauren is a California native, and now divides her time among San Francisco, Bordeaux France and traveling the globe with her skater husband.

Creating collages and art has become a creative outlet inspired by her travels and personal evolution. She is finishing degrees in Psychology and Holistic Health.

Eva Greene // Twitter: @eva_evils / Web:
Digital Gal // Boat Dweller // Bloody Mary Enthusiast

Elaine Chiew // Web:
Elaine Chiew lives in London, and her short stories have appeared in various journals, including most recently in The View From Here, The Squalor Review, Matterpress, The Ilanot Review. She won the Bridport Prize in 2008, and has written a novel about food and hip hop. She blogs about food and fiction at

Danie Ward //
Trained as a dancer, did a degree in Performing and Media Arts but have not done either since leaving uni! In the simplest terms, I am a lover of life and all the colourful experiences it has to offer.

Mark Stinchcombe //

Jayne Marshall // Blog:
I’m Jayne.  I have an MA in Literature, but rarely put it to any use as I run a vintage clothing shop.  I’m hoping to put it to good use here at Cohorte instead.  

Rhiannon Baker // Email: Rhiannon
Rhiannon is a Bristol based student of Nutritional Healing and general food devotee. She uses food as a way to nourish and cleanse the body but also loves exploring, eating and researching different styles of food from raw vegan to hunter gatherer.

Peter Wilbourne // Web:
Peter Wilbourne is a London based graphic designer and photographer with a love of minimalist and clean design and analogue photography.
More photography and design can be found at

Sorrell Waldie // Online:
I like to make and do and think about things and stuff.
I write about writing at For Book Sake. I love walking about on my feet.
I make music in different shapes and forms. Previous outlets include: No Plato and Sparrows.
I like something of the things that you like and some of the things you really probably don’t.
You can see what I think and do here:

Dan Fowler // email
A pocket-sized fellow. I get brands. I love people.

Nicola Dorman // 28 Year old norfolk photographer // Twitter: @alittlebloom // Web: nikdorman // Blog: A Little Blooming Grace // Facebook //
For me photography has been an escape for over ten years and im never happier than when getting lost with my camera..i am inspired by nature around me and beautiful strangers..also completely obsessed with vintage style and grace.

David Holliwell //

Aron Ward //
Musician: Color Of The Sun // Vostok // Raiders // Y CVn

Jessica Makins // Twitter: @jessicamakins
Bristol based teacher; Miss Makins. ‘What do you make then?‘ asked a child. Well, long journeys, friends, clothes, prints, big meals, small ceramics and a general mess.

Holly Butterworth // Web: Dustbowl Vintage // Twitter: @dustbowlvintage
I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol, researching the life and work of the nineteenth century American artist, Lucy Lee-Robbins. I also own a small, specialist vintage menswear shop in Bristol and a whippet.

Sarah Jitjindar // Twitter: @jitjindar
Thailand-based Sarah Jitjindar is the editorial head of a web content provider specialising in travel guides. She has over a decade of experience in editing and copywriting, and has contributed to some of the web’s most successful travel sites.

Alex O’Callaghan // Twitter
Alex is a poet and filmmaker currently living and working in Cornwall.

Georgina Hounsome & Alexandra Higlett – Pirrip Press  // Web: Pirrip Press // Blog: Georgina Hounsome // Facebook: Pirrip Press
We are a small design & print studio, specialising in Letterpress and Silkscreen printing. We make stationery, cards, artwork and all sorts of other printed ephemera. We illustrate, design, print, make and publish our own books. We are enthusiastic about our work and take pride in delivering beautifully printed, unique and considered products.

We each studied Graphic Design & illustration at Bath, and MA Authorial Illustration at Falmouth University. Georgina works as a freelance illustrator and lecturer. Alexandra also works freelance as an illustrator & designer for various clients, recently producing a range for the Tate.

Amber Elise // Web: // Facebook: AmberElisePrints
Bristol based artist Amber Elise works as an illustrator and screen printer. She has a playful style and passion for bright colours and bold images.

Naomi Wilson //
I live in beautiful North Devon where I work as a receptionist. I’ve always had a love of photography and with inspiring landscapes on my doorstep I use my daily walks with my dog, Nate, as an excuse to indulge my passion.

Simon Duckett  // twitter: @sydee58
Whilst I am really looking forward to writing for Cohorte about films I have issues with most of the words used to describe those of us who spend as much of our spare waking time as possible watching them. Cinephile sounds slightly dodgy, cineaste pretentious and moviegoer doesn’t bear thinking about. The worst of all has got to be ‘film buff’. It brings to mind (or to mine anyway) images of 1950s suburbia; leatherette sofas, gin and French and blokes in blazers wearing cravats. So let’s just say that I love anything to do with the art of Film, how they’re made and the impact they have on the audience. No other art form has the influence on the lives of ordinary people in quite the same way that film does. You don’t have to have any special knowledge to watch a film, it’s still reasonably accessible to most people and its main players, if not its crafts people, are recognizable to everybody.

In my day job I work with teenagers. They all think life is a film set anyway so it’s home from home really.

Carys O Brien // Artist // Treasure hunter // Technician

Chrissy Hazell //
Chrissy is an artist who lives and works in London. For more information please drop Chrissy an email

Kai Holmes // Designer // Teacher

Andy Naylor // WhatsThePoint // Eager Underachiever Blog
…an exiled Welshman living in the smoke and working for a charity that supports the victims of violent crime. He writes and produces comedy sketches with his writing partner under the banner of “WhatsThePoint Comedy” and enjoys Cornettos, playing for Half Time in the worlds best four a side football team and the odd drop of lager.

Laura Babb // Web: // Facebook: Babbphoto
Laura is a London based professional wedding and portrait photographer Laura is fascinated by the relationship between people, their environment and how we occupy space. She’s also a lover of urban landscapes (the grittier the better), architecture, lines and form.

You can see more of her work, including her wedding photography, at