Funny, how? // Amy Gettings

Funny, how? // Amy Gettings

I’ve been told I have a…

funny way with words”

Funny how?

I make you laugh?

If the quotation is lost on you, look it up. Keep learning.

The interpretation of funny and what it means to people is so varying, from slapstick to dark, humour keeps us going. It’s the light, the happiness and by god do we need it, constantly in some cases. There can be secret ‘in jokes’ that would be plain odd to others, rude or disgusting in fact, but it’s the single minded nature of each of us to entertain and make others laugh that means comedians sell out Wembley.

Who knew.

Laugh as we might, stomach hurting side splitting pain funny, what are we hiding from ourselves?

The fact it could all be over tomorrow perhaps or is there no other tonic that can relieve us from the mundane, the 9-5, the commercialisation of our very lives that hurts and taunts us.

Laugh, and laugh loud, the louder you laugh the quieter the truth is.

Michael McIntyre anyone?

© Amy Gettings // twitter: @amieha


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