New Writing

At Cohorte we love you very much. This is why we want to hear from you, all the time. This is why we all agree, that you don’t call enough. Nowhere near. But don’t worry. You didn’t even know we existed, or our telephone number, so how could you call? We understand all that. Still, you’ve got some serious making up to do.

Submit your work. Then we’ll know you love us too.

Chelsey Flood looks after the Cohorte new writing pages, and is waiting with tears of hope in her eyes to hear from you. Whatever you want to send – poetry, short stories, flash fiction, script, memoir – she is excited to read it. She will reply personally to all submissions, and the best stuff will appear on the site.

Submit your piece (no more than 3000 words) to with New Writing Pages as the subject.

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